How to present an oral or a poster
Information on in-person and virtual orals and posters

Are you pre­sent­ing an oral or a poster? Are you com­ing to Davos in per­son or do you present vir­tu­al­ly? Please read the in­for­ma­tion be­low care­ful­ly to pre­pare for your pre­sen­ta­tion.

A gen­er­al note: please make sure to use a head­set at all times while par­tic­i­pat­ing vir­tu­al­ly, as well as for record­ing your oral or poster au­dio.


Oral pre­sen­ta­tions in per­son

Please find your oral in the on­line pro­gram to check how long your talk is. The talk du­ra­tion is as fol­lows:

15min talk = 12min talk + 3min dis­cus­sion

20min talk = 17min talk + 3min dis­cus­sion

30min talk = 25min talk + 5min dis­cus­sion

45min talk = 40min talk + 5min dis­cus­sion (on­ly ple­nar­ies)

Please bring your talk with you on a da­ta stick and come to the up­load room be­hind the re­cep­tion desk to up­load your talk. The talk has to be avail­able on our up­load serv­er lat­est dur­ing the ses­sion time be­fore your ses­sion. You can up­load files in ppt, pp­tx or pdf for­mat.

Vir­tu­al Chair

Are you chair­ing a ses­sion vir­tu­al­ly? Watch this video to learn how it works and how to han­dle ques­tions from the au­di­ence.

Oral pre­sen­ta­tion vir­tu­al

As with the in-per­son talk, your oral time is spec­i­fied in the on­line pro­gram. The record­ing can be done with zoom or with pow­er point. It can­not be longer than your spec­i­fied oral time not in­clud­ing the dis­cus­sion time!

A ded­i­cat­ed up­load link with de­tails and in­struc­tions will be sent to you, if you reg­is­tered for vir­tu­al par­tic­i­pa­tion.

This video will help you to make ide­al use of all the func­tions of the vir­tu­al con­fer­ence.

Poster pre­sen­ta­tion in per­son

Please bring your poster print­ed in max­i­mum size for­mat A0, por­trait (841 x 1188 mm). It is not pos­si­ble to print posters in Davos! You will be giv­en a spot on a poster board and Tesa pow­er strips to mount your poster. Posters can hang for the whole week and must be tak­en down lat­est on Fri­day, 1 Ju­ly 2022. The poster ses­sion can be found in the on­line pro­gram, and comes with cake and cof­fee to make it even more at­trac­tive.

Every in-per­son poster pre­sen­ter gets the op­tion to al­so up­load a poster for vir­tu­al pre­sen­ta­tion, please read the sec­tion be­low to learn de­tails.

Poster pre­sen­ta­tion vir­tu­al

Please pre­pare your poster as a ppt, pp­tx or pdf to up­load it on­to the vir­tu­al con­fer­ence plat­form. You can add an au­dio file of max 3min to de­scribe your work. The poster for­mat is A0, por­trait (841 x 1188 mm), with a max­i­mum size of 5MB. Vir­tu­al posters will be pre­sent­ed elec­tron­i­cal­ly dur­ing the in-per­son poster ses­sion, which you can find in the on­line pro­gram, they are al­so avail­able on the vir­tu­al plat­form for the whole con­fer­ence. Please find fur­ther de­tails on the guide­lines. Up­load is not yet pos­si­ble, you will be con­tact­ed with de­tailed up­load in­struc­tions once the plat­form is open.